Contact for information on practical matters

Check for questions about practical matters, such as what you can buy online, what you can bring to or from abroad and what the import tariffs are.

Information for businesses

Information for businesses dealing with Customs is available at Customs for business. The site of the National Customs Helpdesk covers automated declaration and other processes. It is also possiible for businesses to contact the Customs Administration of the Netherlands by phone.

Contact via social media

Customs can be reached via Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Aks your question in English and we're happy to be of service. 

Contact the Customs Information Line

0800 0143 (free of charge), Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Call this number if you have any questions on customs matters. For example, online purchases, buying souvenirs abroad and import tariffs. We cannot tell you where your package is. Ask your postal or courier company.

If you are calling from abroad, call: +31 45 574 30 31.

Contact spokespeople Dutch Customs

Maarten Molenbeek 
06 50 03 70 85

Martijn van der Wind 
06 11 64 83 61

Marije Kuiper 
06 25 69 28 00

Contact outside office hours

Outside office hours, you can contact +31 88 15 80 080 in urgent cases