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Subscribe to email alerts

You can subscribe to news items and documents. You will then automatically receive an e-mail as soon as new news items or documents appear on this website. This is called an emailalert.


You can choose how often you want to receive an alert:

  • as soon as a new message appears,
  • 1 time daily after 5:00 PM, or
  • Once a week, on Monday morning.

Direct alerts consist of 1 publication. Daily and weekly alerts are summaries of all recently published publications within that period.

Unsubscribe and manage subscriptions

In all e-mails you receive there are 2 links, namely:


You can cancel your subscription immediately by unsubscribing. You must then confirm a cancellation 1 more time to permanently cancel your subscription.

Manage subscription allows you to change your email address and change your subscriptions.