Customs Netherlands and Belgium visit South America

The Customs Administration of the Netherlands (Netherlands Customs) and Belgian Customs want to exchange scan images with Brazil. This allows the services to spot drug smugglers even faster. Directors-general of Netherlands and Belgian Customs Nanette van Schelven and Kristian Vanderwaeren visited Brazil and Paraguay, where they exchanged knowledge and information with the customs services.

Exchanging scan images with Brazil

Brazilian Customs is intercepting more and more drugs for the Netherlands and Belgium. This is because the three countries work together a lot to combat drug smuggling. During the visit, the countries agreed to continue their successful collaboration. In particular by exchanging scan images and their knowledge about them. For example, the services will investigate whether Netherlands Customs can analyse Brazilian scan images here, and Belgian Customs wants to use scan images to develop image recognition of containers and algorithms.

Collaboration with Paraguay through new smuggling routes

Criminals are constantly moving their smuggling routes in multiple South American countries. That is why the directors-general also visited Paraguay. The authorities there showed what they are doing to stop drug crime. Netherlands and Belgian Customs have agreed to investigate further collaboration with Paraguay.